Baracuta History


The first Harrington-style jackets were made in the 1930s by the clothing company, Baracuta. It's original design, the G9, is still in production


Isaac Miller starts to export Baracuta to The United States and Canada. Elvis Presley wears a G9 in the film King Creole


Paul Stuart stocks Baracuta in his New York store. Steve McQueen has worn the Baracuta G9 in both his personal life and several movies, but most famously in the Thomas Crown Affair.


Ryan O’Neill plays the character Rodney Harrington in Peyton Place wearing a Baracuta G9. The name Harrington becomes synonymous with Baracuta. John Simons, whose Ivy Shop saw Mods queuing for the jacket, continues to sell the G9 today at his store in Covent Garden.


Frank Sinatra wears a G9 in 'Assault on a Queen'. The England World Cup winning Squad wears the Baracuta raincoat. Baracuta also supplies the coats known as 'The Mexina' for the 1970 squad. The Ramsey Raincoat is reissued for the 2010 World Cup. Baracuta starts to export to Australia and Europe.


Arnold Palmer launches his golf jacket collection, collaborating with Baracuta. Famous Savile Row designer Tom Gilbey collaborates with Baracuta on a ready-to-wear collection.


The G9 trend is now crossing over from Ivy League to Mod and from Mod to Ska and Punk. The Clash wear Baracuta jackets at their famous Time Square concert.


Razorlight wear the G9 whilst meeting Nelson Mandela while Franz Ferdinand wears it on the front cover of Sunday Times Weekend magazine. Baracuta relaunches the brand at Bread and Butter, Berlin Baracuta appoints Cruz S.r.l as the licensee for Italy. Daniel Craig is featured as the latest James Bond wearing the classic G9 jacket. To celebrate Baracuta’s 70th Anniversary and the connectivity between the brand and iconic celebrity wearers such as Elvis, McQueen and Sinatra, three Limited Edition classic G9 were released. Each jacket comes presented in a bespoke illustrated box and contains a quote printed onto the Fraser Tartan inside the jacket, available in a limited edition of 70 of each design. A party was held at Favela Chic in London to celebrate the event. Terry Hall, ex-Specials, performed with the Dub Pistols. Jamie T adorns his G9 picking up “Best solo artist” at the NME awards.


Founder of the Acid Jazz record label Eddie Piller is snapped in his G9 Blur star Damon Albarn seen in his baracuta jacket. Baracuta opens in “Super Brand” area of Topman’s Oxford Street flagship store. Baracuta opens “Pop-up” shop at 9 Shorts Gardens in Seven Dials


Baracuta restarts the UK manufacturing of the G9 and G4, celebrating the brand's 75th anniversary and appointing Kenny Kusano as the Creative Director of the Blue Label


Baracuta reintroduces its iconic raincoat rebranding it as the G10. Jeff Griffin is appointed new Creative Director of the Blue Label

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