Manifattura Ceccarelli - for the first time in Summer!

For some of you, the name Manifattura Ceccarelli might be a very good idea for one or the other, maybe less so we'll explain succinctly what this brand stands for.

Manifattura Ceccarelli is a not-so-small manufactory from Forli a small town near Bologna, which originally made hunter jackets for Filson, meaning heavy canvas jackets covered with a good layer of wax that wind-up in a natural way, and Wassfest is made.

Meanwhile, 21 years later, Manifattura Ceccarelli is an independent brand with a broad assortment and various color and style variants.

This year's spring collection is made of treated cotton and is characterized by high wearing comfort with a sophisticated cut.

If we have now aroused your interest then look online or visit us in our store in Siebensterngasse 52, we look forward to seeing you!

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