Ten-C Shearling Hooded Liner Black 2020

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Ten-C Shearling Hooded Liner Schwarz 002574 967 Born from the minds of Paul Harvey and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ten-C Shearling Hooded Liner Black 2020"

Ten-C Shearling Hooded Liner Schwarz 002574 967

Born from the minds of Paul Harvey and Allesandro Pungetti, designers who had previously worked for Stone Island and C.P. Company respectively and two men with an unparalleled wealth of experience in the arena of top level outerwear design Ten C create jackets that hark back to the golden era of Italian fashion design. A brand with an overt ambivalence to the world of overly branded menswear Ten C create pieces designed to stand the test of time and which maintains the standards these two renowned perfectionists have set throughout their celebrated careers.

Intended to combine effortlessly with any piece of their outerwear, the Ten C Shearling Liner can be inserted into all of Ten C's jackets to elevate the level of protection they offer. Made in Italy, it is constructed with a combination of genuine Shearling and 100% Nylon panels, stuffed with genuine down to ensure maximum protection from even the coldest weather.

  • Genuine Shearling Chest Panel
  • Fleece Lined Collar
  • 100% Nylon Panels
  • Cotton Canvas Reinforced Seams
  • Down Stuffing
  • Can Be used with any Ten C Jacket
  • Made in Italy


Material: Down, Lammfell, Lammleder
Farbe: Schwarz
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